Saturday, December 12, 2009

Resetter canon 1980, 1880, iP2500, iP1900, iP1100, iP1800

Error printer Always appear message:...

“The Ink Absorber is Full
Contact The service Center”.

Or Ink Full Tank usually indicator lamp on power and resume blinking many times
But don’t be afraid, You just follow this step :
Manual Reset Steps :
  1. Press and hold power button with your finger and then take in power cable
  2. Hold power button, then press resume button with your middle finger twice.
  3. Let in power button
  4. Printer doesnot blinking any more.
  5. At this step you had done Manual Reset Step and printer could be use again.
  6. But if manually your printer still error, you should use Reset Software permanently
Do this steps to get your printer permanently :
  1. Download software tool
  2. Extract file ZIP.
  3. Do GeneralTool.exe
  4. At USB Port choose your Port printer.
  5. Click Lock Release button
  6. Choose (check) EEPROM CLEAR
  7. Take blank paper to print. Then click Test Pattern 1 button
  8. Finish and your Printer will be normally

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